Debian: Autologin + Using screen + using ssh

I wished to use my raspberryPi with a tft touch panel but want to see my ssh session on this display. So here is my idea:

1. start an autologin with my user account after boot
2. every user login checks if screen is alive otherwise it starts a session
3. after ssh-login, just need to type screen -X NameOfScreen
4. …
5. Profit!

sudo vi /etc/inittab
change this line of tty1 to:

1:23:respawn:/sbin/rungetty tty1 -u root — login -f miro

vi ~/.bashrc
add this line at the end:

if ! screen -list | grep -q „NameOfScreen“; then
screen -S NameOfScreen

Here is my result, left raspberryPi, right a console with ssh session 😉

Of course, better ideas are welcome!

Bash on two screens